What Ladies Want: Love, Marriage and Dating

What Ladies Want: Love, Marriage and Dating

Valentine’s came and went like a SpaceX Cupid’s arrow day. Romance was at the atmosphere on that but what about the rest of the year when it comes to Black women day? Exactly what are their attitudes toward love, dating and wedding as a whole?

The responses to these questions among others are available in A ebony/questionpro that is recent research.

This is actually the status that is current of unmarried Ebony females participants.:

  • Looking although not dating: 40 %
  • In a relationship that is committed residing aside: 25 %
  • Perhaps Not looking at this time: 16 per cent
  • Managing some body: 9 per cent
  • Dating although not solely: 9 per cent

With your data in your mind, let’s see exactly exactly exactly what Ebony women today want (information that lots of males might spend handsomely for).